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The Bacon Bits 'n' Bytes Podcast

Oct 7, 2019

In this episode, I chat with Kevin Peters, who unlike me, is putting his science degree to good use as a CTO at a biotech startup, Age Rate. Age Rate focuses on the science behind the ageing process within biological systems. Using innovative epigenetic technology, they have created a test that accurately predicts how fast or how slow a person is ageing.

AgeRate is a company located at The Forge Incubator, where Kevin is also a business mentor for other startups. 

We also chat about his business failures, how his definition of success is different from when he was in university and how to determine whether something has the potential to be a good idea.

The Forge Incubator is always looking to help out STEM startups in the initial stages of the business. You can connect with Kevin on LinkedIn if you are interested:

Learn more about Age Rate: