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The Bacon Bits 'n' Bytes Podcast

Aug 18, 2020

From online banking to digital payment processing, the fintech industry has evolved and continues to evolve tremendously.

In this episode, I have an open and honest conversation about finances with FinTech entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of Ostrich, William Glass. 

His mission is improving financial well-being globally. As founder & CEO of his company, Ostrich, William’s mobile app addresses financial literacy deficits by
creating social community and accountability around money - think saving & investing with friends.
In addition, William hosts the Silicon Alley Podcast providing a platform for entrepreneurs from all
industries and backgrounds to tell their stories. William owns rental property and was a successful
tech sales rep before starting his own business. He was also a Fulbright Scholar in Thailand. William is
originally from Alabama and now resides in New York City.


Facebook: @williampglass3/@theostrichapp/@siliconalleypodcast

Twitter: @williampglass3/@theostrichapp/@siliconalleypod

Instagram: @williyg_iii/@theostrichapp/@siliconalleypodcast