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The Bacon Bits 'n' Bytes Podcast

Sep 9, 2019

This has probably got to be the funniest episode I have recorded thus far. Every time I have listened to it, I have laughed out loud. I am so honoured and excited to bring you this episode with Jess Kupferman, co-founder of She Podcasts - a podcast about podcasting stuff and other tech stuff by women, for women.

We chat about doing shows dates as far back as her childhood when she and her sister pretended to be game show hosts and record them on a tape recorder. 

Other topics found in this episode include the pros and cons of having a co-host, how she and Elsie Escobar (co-founder of She Podcasts) met, the business side of podcasting and the first She Podcasts LIVE conference happening next month (Oct 11-13, 2019) in Atlanta, Georgia. 

For conference info:

Follow on IG: @shepodcasts

Facebook: shepodcasts

Follow Jess Kupferman @jesskupferman